Earthpill - Calculating the true cost of your electrical appliances 
Total entries in the Earthpill database 1,523 items and 1,557 measurements 

Earthpill is a free community web-site for sharing power meter reading information so that all of us can save money and reduce our CO2 emissions.

Worldwide, people are trying to understand their household electricity consumption by taking measurements with plug-in power meters.  Others just want to find out how much their appliances are costing them in terms of money and environmental impact.


Save other's time and energy! Share your measurements by adding them to the Earthpill database so others can search and save without having to measure the same item again
Search the community database of measurements to find an electrical appliance's energy consumption when switched on or in standby
With an account you can keep track of your appliances and their total consumption. Understanding the details will save you money and help you reduce your power consumption
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